Monday, December 5, 2016  
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As many of you know, my daughter, Katie Humphrey, recently had brain surgery to stop seizures that she was having every day. In October, we traveled to Cleveland where she underwent surgery. Since then, she has been seizure free. We thank God everyday for the miracle that he gave us.

Although I could go on all day about the miracle that we received, this letter is not about that. We, as a community have an awesome opportunity to bring some much-needed revenue into our community and some people are trying to stop that from happening. There are several out of town investors that have chosen Meade County for a new rock quarry. It will be called The Meade County Quarry. It would be located in Big Bend, near Battletown.

There is some major opposition to getting the land that has already been acquired rezoned for a quarry operation. This is crazy. There are already three quarries nearby that employ many Meade County residents. Which brings me back to my personal story.

My daughter was having 30+ seizures a day. Without the quarry in Battletown, she would have never gotten the treatment that ultimately saved her from a lifetime of seizures. Sure, the insurance was a great thing to have along with the paycheck that my husband received every week. We wouldn’t have been able to even put a dent in the bills that we were getting in the mail without the insurance and the income that the rock quarry was providing to us. But something much more important came from the quarry. It was the outpouring of help and concern that came from my husband’s fellow employees that made the most difference to us. These men donated their time and money to get donations from the community, not to mention their own money so that we could have a way to be off work for two months with our daughter. I have never seen such heartfelt concern for a family than that of the men that Brian works with.

So, to sum up my letter, I ask the residents of Meade County that are opposed to this new quarry being opened, why would you want to deny our county of something that so many families could benefit from? They would provide jobs to up to 25 people, 25 families that wouldn’t have to go stand in the long line trying to get food stamps to feed their kids, 25 families who don’t have to worry about keeping their little ones warm during the winter months and 25 families that could make sure their babies have a happy healthy life. Why would you want to deny any of your fellow residents something that could change their life?

It’s a rock quarry, that promises a great amount of tax revenue for our county. We all need to pull together and support these men trying to bring money into our community. And to the ones who oppose this happening in our county, just remember, some day one of your children or grandchildren could use a job at this rock quarry just to make sure the little ones are fed or aren’t heartbroken on Christmas morning. Think about why you are really opposing this quarry opening. Is it really worth it?

A concerned citizen,
Nikki Humphrey

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