Friday, December 9, 2016  
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In my opinion...


I was surprised and delighted when you added the new Jr. Cub Reporter to your staff and enjoyed the fresh approach he brought to the reporting by your paper. Reading his article concerning the E-911 in the Dec. 13 issue I see that he has apparently fallen into the abyss that many of us transplants get caught. Coming into the middle of a project and making a statement that results in hoof in mouth disease.

His statement in the last four sentences of the first column has only a modicum of truth and is inflammatory in context. The E-911 committee does not want to change practically every address in the county, instead it should read, this will cause the change of every address in the county, however, this change began in 1979 and has been continuing since. The greatest majority of the county is now on the 5.28 feet numbering interval, most of the changes being done in the county is because of duplicate names and some numbering errors made by early crews. This process was began (as far as I can determine) by Mr. Tom Tucker and my address went from 120C Rt. 2 Vine Grove to 220 Park St and then had to be changed when the post office said NO only one like name per zip code. If Meade County had only one zip code instead of many the duplicates would be gone or if the persons involved in changing road names would research the rest of the county before naming a road or street problems could be avoided. Recent example, Brandenburg change the name of Gay Street to Hill Street, there is already a Hill Street in Muldraugh and a Hill Court in 3rd District. Do we now have to change to maintain compliance? Since Mr. Tucker there has been at least Mr. Livers and Mrs. Campbell working with the addressing, however, no previous administration researched and put together an ordinance to bring the county into the 21 century with most of the rest of the country. This is happening in a number of other counties in Ky. as evidenced by the Bill that waived the fee on driver’s license fee for a change due to 911 readdressing.

For the city council to consider I would like to offer this information and a very possible scenario. To find something by GPS you need a street address and a zip code, oh hell there are only 6 or 7 in MC and you don’t get a zip code on caller ID or a cell phone. Bear with me on this scenario in that it is not true however if you want to meet with me I can show parallels in the last 6 months. A phone call for help can come from any location in county, out of county or out of state. I am talking to my grown daughter who live in Brandenburg about midnight and she tells me she is having trouble breathing and her chest and arm hurt. I tell to go unlock the front door and get in a comfortable position in a chair or on the couch and I will call EMS. I call 911 and tell them that I have a daughter that lives at 50 Ox Ln. and what her symptoms are. (I did not tell them in B’burg because I was unaware there was another Ox Ln. in the county, easy to forget in an emergency) Dispatch looks at my 828 number and by gosh there is an Ox Ln. off of Stith Valley Rd. They contact EMS Station 2 and start the response. Time line; 1 minute to dispatcher, 5 minutes to get completely dressed and out the door, 6 minutes to the end of Ox Ln. only to radio back to dispatch “call back and get better directions” (we are now 12 minutes into my call). This night suppose that a person was watching the late show and heard the radio conversation and called dispatch and told them that there were no numbers less than 100 on Ox Ln. in Stith Valley, however, there was an Ox Ln. in the city with lower numbers. Tell Med 2 to go home, alert Med 1. Another minute with dispatch, 5 minutes dress, 2 minutes to Ox Ln. We went 20 minutes into what should have been an 8 minute response. Had the victim or patient been very serious, the results could have been fatal. Many of the emergency responders throughout the county (police, fire, EMS) have been pushing for this change for more than 20 years. If you go to many of the conferences around the state and attend the workshops on E-911 and the future of communications in the Commonwealth you will note that Meade County is conspicuous on the map of being not just phase two compliant but one of the few counties in the state that is not phase one compliant. This in itself is indicative of a county that is keeping up with the mainstream. This court has spent big bucks replacing a 25-year-old communications system with a system that allows radio communication in almost every part of the county. Today I even heard a KSP unit asking dispatch to relay a message to KSP Post 4 because he was in an area in MC where his system would not transmit back to Post Four. We can be proud of the distance we had come up to about April of this year, but since then we have really slacked off. My district is not complete as I was waiting to see if the city would combine some street segments and thereby release some names that are duplicates and I would not have to rename those in my district.

Cub Reporter states that I become livid and I do, when grown, intelligent (?) adults don’t look outside the box and see what is happening in the entire state and has been happening in the county for 25 years and does not even try to comprehend the value to human life and safety I lose all patience. When someone tells you your days are critically numbered the most precious thing left is time. When time is wasted with stupid political posturing or lame excuses of “You are just telling us what to do” it pulls my short chain. Cub Reporter you can a quote an old man of saying this; “This type of mindset has cost the county millions of dollars in the past and will continue to stymie growth in Meade County for years to come until there can be presented a united front.” Scenario { I am a manufacturer looking for as spot and I am scoring MC; excellent schools for my workers children and to produce a workforce, excellent library for a county it’s size, recreation facilities adequate and improving, Jewish Clinic, excellent EMS some response problem (got to find you), fire departments with modern equipment, good response time and great mutual aid report with each other, road system not bad with and excellent upgrade in the planning and construction phase, Enhanced 911 system NONE (city and county addressing systems not compatible and not agreeing) conclusion, go elsewhere. This attitude of “It’s my way or the Highway” has sent much down the highway before and will continue to do so. Come on folks let’s get it together and move forward.

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