Saturday, December 10, 2016  
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An interview with Jeff Greer, state representative-elect

Messenger Staff

District 27’s newly-elected state Rep. Jeff Greer says he is excited about his new job and ready to go to Frankfort and get to work.

First on the agenda, Greer plans to meet with different county and city councils, organizations, and entities to find out what people feel the needs are in our area.

“I want to understand our needs before I go to Frankfort,” stated Greer. “And so I’m gathering as much information as I can to determine what’s most important. I guess you could say I want to hit the ground running.”

During his campaign, Greer says he was primarily focused upon meeting with people and attaining votes. “Now, it’s exciting – really exciting – to be able to formulate what I’m taking to Frankfort and hopefully will be able to bring back to our district.”

Greer spoke at length about what he perceives as untapped opportunities and potential here in Meade County. “Being a parent and as involved as I’ve been with children, I’ve seen that there aren’t many opportunities for our children to remain here as adults. I see the potential to attain economic development here in Meade County so that our children have the chance to remain here if they so choose,” said Greer.

Just as important as economic development is the escalating cost of health care, noted Greer. “I see people who cannot afford any of the medical insurance options available to them. I believe changes can be made and ideas and possible solutions shared with legislature, and I want to be able to present these ideas to them,” said Greer.

Greer, who has served on the Meade County School Board for the past 13 years, says his other major concern is education. With Kentucky’s goal for total proficiency of students set for 2014, Greer questions whether the state has lived up to doing what is needed to actually attain such a goal. He emphasized the importance of funding the appropriate programs that will allow students the ability to meet the goals set forth.

Greer noted how great it is that Meade County is able to offer its students full-day kindergarten, while the state only provides funding for half-day kindergarten. “We’ve budgeted to provide this for our children,” said Greer, “but I think every school system in Kentucky should provide it. Kids are such sponges at that age and can learn so much. If Kentucky as a whole mandated full-day kindergarten, that would free up some funds here in Meade County.”

The ability for parents and students to pay for higher education is also a huge concern of Greer’s. “Inflation pay raises are only about three percent a year, while the cost of tuition is going up as much as 13 percent. I don’t see our state doing anything to solve this problem and it needs to take a serious look at this,” said Greer.

Greer well understands the importance of higher education, having had the opportunity to attend college himself. He graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and in 1990 opened Greer Insurance in Brandenburg. Greer will continue to run his business – with the help of his competent office staff – while performing his duties as state representative.

All in all, Greer is absolutely excited about the new opportunity before him and views it as a chance to give back to the community he has loved and called home for his entire life.

Jeff Greer resides in Brandenburg with his wife, Beth, son, Jay B, 14, and daughter, Sarah, 10.

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