Tragic Bridge Collapse Claims Lives: Death Toll Reaches 17 in Northeast India

Tragedy struck once again in India as a bridge under construction collapsed in the town of Sairang, Mizoram state, resulting in a devastating loss of life. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, marked another grim chapter in a series of infrastructure failures that have claimed lives across the country.

Reports confirm that at least 17 individuals lost their lives, while several others sustained injuries in the mishap. Chief Minister Zoramthanga, known by a single name, provided this somber update and expressed his heartfelt condolences to the families affected. He shared distressing visuals on social media platforms, revealing the shattered remnants of the collapsed structure surrounded by thick clouds of dust and smoke.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, presently attending the BRICS economic grouping summit in South Africa, extended his sympathies to the victims and their families. Through his official account on a platform referred to as “X,” Modi announced a financial assistance plan. He pledged a sum of approximately $2,500 to the families of the deceased and $600 to the injured workers.

Mizoram, a mountainous state situated near India’s borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar, heavily relies on its network of roads, highways, and bridges for connectivity among its villages and towns. Tragically, this incident isn’t an isolated event. India has been grappling with a series of infrastructure mishaps that have led to considerable loss of life, casting a shadow on the nation’s rapid transformation and investment in upgrading its transport network.

Just a few months ago, in June, a four-lane concrete bridge project spanning the River Ganges in Bihar suffered a second collapse within a year, sparking concerns about construction quality. Another devastating occurrence took place in October the previous year, as a recently repaired suspension bridge collapsed in Gujarat’s Morbi town, resulting in the tragic deaths of 135 people. These repeated incidents underscore the pressing need for stringent oversight and quality assurance in India’s ambitious infrastructure projects.